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  • Dr. Shrouder-Henry is absolutely amazing! He diagnosed and cared for our son while he had a broken elbow. We were very impressed with the service and quality of care and he is one of the best doctors we’ve ever experienced (especially for children). I highly recommend him!

    ~ KB ~

  • Dr. Shrouder-Henry and his staff were wonderful from my initial consultation to my final post op visit. All my questions were taken seriously and I could have conversations with the Dr. and his team, not just quick shallow answers. I felt important and in great care. I recommend this team to anyone. I’ve had a few orthopedic procedures over the years and have never returned to the Dr. I’ve found my go to Dr. in case I need anything in the future for myself or family.

    ~ Anonymous ~

  • Very good doctor, explained everything in layman terms for my understanding. Good demeanor and patient care.

    ~ J Batara ~

  • Dr. Shrouder-Henry is an incredible and professional physician. I was able to get an appointment in a timely manner, and he was attentive, knowledgeable, and kind during all stages of my care. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    ~ Hannah ~

  • Dr. Jason Shrouder-Henry was absolutely wonderful! He does a great job at taking his time with his patients and fully explaining your conditions and course of treatment.

    ~ Maddie ~

  • I would highly recommend Dr. Jason Shrouder-Henry. He is an amazing upper extremity Orthopedic specialist. He is very kind, knowledgeable, gentle and has a great bedside manner. He was very attentive and professional. If you need anything for your upper extremities, he is the guy to see!

    ~ Anonymous ~

  • Excellent doctor. Professional & very personable. There was no pain after surgery. Made me very comfortable.

    ~ M donovan ~

  • Had no issues with surgery given it involved nerves. Office calls were reassuring and gave me the confidence to proceed.

    ~ J beal ~

  • Doctor Henry spent time explaining the issues clearly. Very nice personality.

    ~ D Vesely ~

  • Dr. Shrouder-Henry was a competent and compassionate doctor that took care of the surgery on my left thumb. Every decision concerning my care was patient-centered and made collaboratively. I highly recommend Dr. Shrouder-Henry.

    ~ Marc C ~

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